Val Verde Humanitarian Border Coalition

Our Mission

VVBHC exists to help provide basic necessities including food, clothing, infant supplies, and to support those in need.

We coordinate leading relief agencies both locally and nationally to administer humanitarian relief. VVBHC works alongside agencies to safely transition asylum seekers after being released from federal custody to avoid homelessness and human trafficking.

We work with local partners to distribute humanitarian aid supplies on both sides of the border. VVBHC respects each person’s dignity while working to provide provisions for those in need.

How We Help

The Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition (VVBHC) is a nonprofit that currently relies entirely on volunteers and donations to meet asylum seekers’ short-term needs. Upon arrival, volunteers strive to meet the immediate needs of individuals, families and children. We distribute meals, snacks, water, hygiene items, clothing, shoes, infant and children’s items, infant car seats, access to charging stations and phones, restrooms, seating areas and shade.

Our Coalition connects individuals and families to transportation options as they continue their travels out of Del Rio. VVHBC is equipped with cribs, infant bouncy seats, pack-n-plays, playground areas, soccer balls, restrooms and sinks, shade and tables for families to enjoy short term respite before their continued travels.

VVBHC honors each person’s dignity while working to safely transition families to avoid homelessness, trafficking and other traumas.