Val Verde Humanitarian Border Coalition

Who We Are

We are a group of local citizens and agencies that have united to develop an efficient way to transition migrating immigrants and families to their destinations upon release from federal custody through a unified and coordinated effort.


In the past, those released from federal detention into the United States to await their asylum hearings were dropped off at a local gas station, the only point of sale for a physical bus ticket. Transportation options in Del Rio are extremely limited.

When numbers increased considerably in the Spring of 2019, CBP reached out to the local churches. Pastor Shon Young responded and believed that our community could better serve this vulnerable population by establishing an NGO designed specifically as a short term (daytime only) respite facility.

Through the generous support of our community and partnerships across the US, we are able to provide individuals and families with access to phones, restrooms, clean clothing, packed lunches, and more. Our main focus is assisting migrants as they navigate transportation options to their final destination.


To help these individuals and families, VVHBC relies on the support of a diverse array of volunteers, congregations and organizations. Here are four ways you can help us today!